Are you in the city of Prague? Outcall “happy ending” massages, provided by one of the sensual massage parlours operating there, are a popular way of receiving both erotic pleasure and a healthy relaxation. Locals and tourists alike frequently indulge in this “pastime” – and you can too. If you want to find out more about how to order a sensual massage – even directly to your doorstep, then read on!

Prague outcall massage is easy to book, and it’s discreet

Some people may feel a bit nervous or awkward before making their first order. They’re not sure how to grapple with the whole thing, what to say, how to ask for a service and which one to choose, whether to provide their full name, what language can they communicate in, and so on. Perhaps, at the back of their mind, they already feel compromised, perhaps even guilty. There’s no reason for this, since all the information one provides will never leave the parlour – whatever the circumstances, privacy is always treated seriously, especially when dealing with the sensitive topic of eroticism. With that cleared up, let’s jump straight into how to make an erotic rubdown order.

You can order your rubdown in multiple ways

And, of course, you can order in English – there’s no need to know a single Czech word. Especially for English speakers, the prospect of conversing in a foreign language may seem terrifying. But don’t fret – many of the people working at those parlours may not be Czech either – places like these are truly international! With that said, let’s take a look at the way in which you can book your service!

  •   Phone. Of course, the obvious method. Basically all parlours will have a phone number on their website, at which you can make an appointment. A person on the other side, most likely a receptionist, will be glad to assist you and respond to any questions you might have. Of course, there are people who may suffer from a phone call anxiety. In that case, there are other options as well!
  •   SMS. Perhaps a bit less efficient, but still a valid method of ordering. If you feel your language or communication skills may not be the best, and you don’t have an internet connection at the place you are right now, an SMS can save the day!
  •   E-mail. Perhaps the most discrete way of ordering your massage. Replies can usually be expected within 10-15 minutes.
  •   Chat box. Many parlours will have an automatic pop-up chat window on their website. You can chat online and make an order this way also!

What information will be required of you?

If you opt for an outcall, you’ll have to provide slightly more information, first of all your full name and full address – if you’re staying at a hotel, you’ll need to state your room number also. Bear in mind that the outcall services at most salons is limited to Prague only, although you can also find those willing to travel virtually anywhere in the Czech Republic – though it will cost you more. Then you just pick your masseuse – virtually all parlours have an online gallery where you can pick one (or even two at once). Of course, you also have to state the massage you wish to receive, as well as any bonus services you wish to indulge in, since some require special equipment the masseuse will have to bring with her. Last but not least, you should specify the time at which your massage will take place – remember, not every therapist will be available at all times!

Don’t worry – after you’ve received you massage, your private information will be discarded. Basically every salon has this policy, so don’t worry about your “exploits” surfacing later!

And one last tip from us – have cash ready! Some parlours won’t accept cards, so make sure you have the price of your service (+ a small tip, ideally) covered! We hope this is enough information for you to go on!

Would you consider an outcall erotic massage? In which case, what method of booking would be preferable to you and why? And what’s your opinion on tipping in this case and what’s the optimal sum? Discuss in the comments!