A sex therapist assists people with sexual issues. Sex therapists are skilled counsellors, physicians, or medical professionals who have received further training in assisting people with sexual difficulties.

Why do individuals seek out sex therapy?

Many individuals struggle with sex at a certain time in their lives. Some persons are capable of assisting themselves. Others may experience a great deal of grief and sadness as a result of sexual issues. A sex therapist thailand may assist people with a variety of sexual issues, such as lack of desire, difficulties having an orgasm, discomfort while sex or incapacity to have penetrative sex, and difficulty acquiring or sustaining an erection (erectile dysfunction), Ejaculation difficulties, such as premature ejaculation.

What exactly happens during a sex therapeutic process?

A counsellor will hear you explain your issues and determine if the root reason is psychological, physical, or a mixture of the two. Each treatment session is kept private. You can go to a sex therapist Thailand on your own, but if your issue affects your spouse too though, it may be beneficial for both of you to go. Communicating about that and exploring your feelings will help you gain a better idea of what is going on and why. The counsellor may also assign you exercises and activities to complete on your own with your spouse. Sessions typically last 30 to 50 mins. The therapist may recommend weekly sessions or less regular visits, including once a month.