There is nothing better than dating a woman who knows how to seduce men and what men want. If you want to date a stripper, understand from the start that you have a lot of work ahead of you. Of course, the payoff is that you will live every man’s dream once the stripper agrees to go on a date with you.

Many guys dream of dating a stripper.

For some, the difficulty of dating a woman lies in the fact that they usually should not touch her for fear of being beaten by a bouncer, while for others, it is a sincere desire to date a particular woman whom they find attractive not only physically, but also because of who he is.

A man will probably find most attractive about you that you’re real, sincere, and not some stalking psychopath. They usually visit strip clubs daily and have no chance of getting to know or seducing her into a relationship.

Try to be yourself and get to know her. Find out what your dreams and ambitions are. You may find that he is quite an attractive and intelligent person, maybe even more than you ever dreamed of girls also know exactly what they want, what a man needs and wants.

So follow her and live the life of your dreams with a woman who is not only smart, exciting, and sexy but also a strong and confident woman. A relationship with a stripper can give you all of these things. Just remember that she doesn’t need you to save her.

She gets used all day long by guys offering her vacations and trying to impress her. Show interest in her and try to connect with her. Open up to her a little and spend more time talking and less time staring. Look into her eyes when you talk to her. Ask him how his day went or how his week went.

If she tells you that the hardest thing about dancing is creepy guys or drunks, tell her you meant her dance. Tell her that you thought it would be hard for you to keep from being grabbed by the boys, but you knew that dancing is technically challenging, as it is difficult for you to do a simple box step.


A relationship with a stripper can be one of the most special relationships of your life, and exotic dancers are some of the most attractive women you can date. Follow this advice, and you will see it is worth seducing a stripper.