Understanding and taking advantage of the unspoken conventions and etiquette of the strip club vip will maximize your enjoyment if you frequent strip clubs occasionally. Avoid these common errors that can ruin your day, cost you money, or result in poor customer service if you want to enhance your shopping experience.

If you follow this advice, your chances of having a good time with entertaining strippers and escaping the club with your wallet, self-respect, and iPhone unharmed will increase.

Purchasing an unwise item with a group, such as a bachelor package

The club may offer you a fantastic VIP deal if you’re going with a group, but it’s probably not worth it. You’ll probably be taken to a location where the hosts will only bring you “the best girls,” who are the ones who give the hosts large tips. If so, you’re not seeing a lot of the club’s talent. And avoid investing in one of those expensive, pointless stage dances where the bachelor is attacked by strippers.

Ignoring the Rules

If you’re unfamiliar with the club or the neighborhood, finding out the rules beforehand can help you avoid confusion and awkward situations, such as when a dancer reprimands you for not tipping on stage or inquires as to why you keep your hands to yourself. I know a man who, used to strict no-contact clubs, jumped up in fear of being thrown out when a dancer sat on his lap.

Being unable to refuse and having to make excuses

That the club members don’t want to make us feel unwelcome is sweet. However, it is unnecessary to use phrases like “maybe later,” “I’m waiting on a friend,” “I’m married,” or “I’m just here for a drink” to decline offers of private dances or company. Consider us to be waitresses; a simple “No, thanks” will do if you don’t need anything. We won’t be offended, and we won’t bother you again later.

Not requesting prices upfront

At one of my clubs, a particular dancer group experienced problems with patrons who wouldn’t pay them for a while. It didn’t take long for management to realize what was happening; they began taking customers back to VIP without first discussing prices, telling them they owed wildly inflated sums, and then relying on the intimidation power of the bouncers to get them to pay up.

Choose your dancer based on body language and customer interaction in addition to looks if you want a better experience than watching a preoccupied hot girl sway in front of you.