Penis pumps are a form of blessing for a person with erectile dysfunction. This pump which is also known as a vacuum pump helps a person get an erection and enjoy his sex life. There are different pumps for people with different penis sizes. One must take note of this factor and can order one for himself from It is advised that every bit of detail must be read before buying one.


The cost of a penis pump is considerably higher. There is a relief as it is considered a recognized solution for ED. There are many insurance companies that cover the cost. For example, if the cost of the pump is $500, one might only need to pay $100.

Benefits of using penis pumps – 

  1. Being a non – drug-device, penis pumps are safer as compared to erection pills like Viagra.
  2. Although expensive, the cost can be considered as it does not have any recurring cost and can be used in the long run.
  3. The penis pump and erectile dysfunction pills can be used together at a time, without any risk.
  4. It is also noticed that men who use penis pumps regularly experience more erections that appear naturally.

Risks or side effects –   

  1. If a person is under blood-thinning medications there are chances that he might experience internal bleeding.
  2. Sometimes when instructions are not followed properly an excess of air pressure is formed. This might injure the penis.

There are several other solutions for erectile dysfunction but using a penis pump is considered the most effective option, and it works for most men.  You can read more about it on