Our lives are completely surrounded by somewhat mixed emotions and feelings and these are the main factors which guides each and every actions of our life.  Is it love they want from life or they are going to spend the life under the shadow of their most dreaded fear forever? Both these emotions are like the source of all the rest feelings or sentiments that we experience on every stage of our lives. You can visit the site of listcrawler and make more love.

Give chance to love and not fear :-

So let us now focus on some of the important aspects which only those person can understand or experience who chooses love over fear or any other emotion.


  1. Gives a meaning to your life :- Ask yourself a question as to what can you get if you choose to give in to your fears. Will it be helpful in making your live any better? Fear of anything is quite common but to let it shadow your decisions pertaining to essential matters that encompasses your life is a big thing. No good will come to you and this is for sure. But if you let love to blossom then surely it will boost up the spirit and you will feel a sudden burst of energy inside yourself.
  2. Always believe your instincts :- Every one of us have some or the other desire and to be able to fulfill each one of them it becomes necessary that we start putting some belief on our natural instincts. After all that’s one thing we can blindly trust on, right?
  3. Never stop to grow :- Life is all about learning from your past experiences and to build up your personality. If you stop growing then basically you stop living. And love can actually prove to be the best motivator in this case. Out of love comes the need to grow and develop and this is something which can change your life forever. Talking about love, when in a realtionship it is important that both the people should constantly tryb to adapt each other so to comfort their partner.
  4. Love is the gateway to happiness :- Often people ask this question as to how can someone experience real happiness in their life. Well the answer was right infront of you this whole time and that is love. Without love it would be impossible to imagine life , isn’t it? It won’t be wrong to say that love is actually the most beautiful way one can take to feel happiness.
  5. Make peace all around :- The best way to justify the above mentioned statement would be to spread it further. The more you send it out, the more it takes down hatred. Continue to Spread love in this world and over a period of time, you will find that you are living in a much better world.

Men live by love and not fear, it is fear that draws up boundaries and it is love that conquers them.